Posted on: April 1, 2009 1:06 pm

And Michael Vick Gets Signed by...

In the coming days, let's see how long it takes before an NFL team signs Michael Vick. I'm not sure anyone would trust him to be a starting QB, but he could likely be a backup on a team that needs to attract more fans.

Think of it like this...a very bad team like the Detroit Lions, may sign him as a free agent and 2nd string QB. When the fans begin to boo the Lions(and they will boo), they put in Michael Vick at QB and have a few special running plays or pass plays just for Vick. If he does well, the fans will love it, if not, they will boo more. I know Calvin Johnson would love him on the fly pattern.

Another possibility is he could become one of Jerry Jones "win at all costs" projects. He loves bringing in criminals. Anyway, Jerry would sign Vick as a punt returner or wide receiver, and have Jason Garret create special plays for Vick to run reverses, fly patterns etc. He would definitely stretch the field. Roy Williams would hate him, and a new conspiracy theory would come alive just the prime time soap Dallas.

Finally, the best option of all, he becomes the understudy of Rex Grossman of the Bears...Rex teaches him everything about discipline and work ethic. Rex or Kyle Orton gets hurt, and Lovey Smith puts in the wishbone offense, and Vick runs it. He can throw the ball 65 or 70 yards if they need a big play...only one problem, no one will be able to catch it.

It's nice to think of these kinds of scenarios on April 1st, isn't it.  



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