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10 Favorite Football Movies

Since the response from my "10 Favorite Baseball Movies" was so good, I thought I would do the same for football. My selections are going to be based on quality, realism, some humor, etc. Remember, this is my opinion.

These are my top 10 favorite football movies. Let me know yours...

  1. North Dallas Forty - Nick Nolte. One of the first movies to go behind the scenes in football. I know the team was the North Dallas Bulls, but to me it was the Cowboys and the coach was Tom Landry. Former Cowboy WR Peter Gent wrote the book.
  2. Heaven Can Wait - Warren Beatty. A funny movie about football, angels, and murder with twists and turns.
  3. Any Given Sunday - Al Pacino, Jamie Foxx and many NFL players. According to critics, the most realistic movie about football ever made.
  4. Friday Night Lights - Billy Bob Thornton. This is a true story about the Odessa Permian high school football team in West Texas. High School football in Texas, is not a sport, it's a religion
  5. Jerry Maguire - Tom Cruise, Cuba Gooding Jr. An interesting look into sprts agents. Humorous and fun to watch. Gooding won an Oscar for his portrayal.
  6. Brian's Song - James Caan, Billy Dee Williams. True story of the friendship between Chicago Bears players Gale Sayers and Brian Piccolo...the original made in 1971. If you haven't seen it, you should.
  7. Invincible - Mark Wahlberg. True story of a Philadelphia Eagles special teams player who won a spot as a walk on.
  8. The Replacements - Keanu Reeves, Gene Hackman. Fun, and brutal at times. The story of replacement players used during an NFL strike season. Lots of characters in this one.
  9. The Express - Dennis Quaid, Clancy Brown. Story of college football and race issues during the early 1960s. Chronicles Heisman Trophy winner Ernie Davis' life and playing days at Syracuse University.
  10. Knute Rockne: All American - Pat O'Brien, Ronald Reagan. O'Brien played Notre Dame legend Rockne, and Reagan was George Gipp. The very first football movie I ever saw.  

Honorable mention: The Junction Boys; We are Marshall

If your favorite isn't in here, let me know...and tell me why.




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