Posted on: April 21, 2009 7:04 am

10 Favorite Baseball Movies

When I was growing up outside and around the Philadelphia area, there are two things I distinctly remember. The first, was watching my first Phillies game on TV. The second, was the very first time I went to see a Phillies game in old Connie Mack stadium. Ever since then, I was hooked on baseball, and watching the Phillies.

Back then, the only time the Phillies had gone to the World series was 1950, and they lost to the Yankees in 4 straight games. So, I didn't like the Yankees much. When we played the Cardinals(the first real game I saw), I remember they had a young speedster named Curt Flood and he could cover ground and run...and I remember, he dared the Philles Catcher to throw to third as he was halfway there...and off he went, but the catcher threw in the dirt and Flood stole the base. So, I didn't like him either.

Later, I learned to appreciate the Yankees and Curt Flood, and lots of other baseball players, Teams and little nuances about baseball. Another thing that kept me interested, was watching movies about baseball. I guess it was the kid in me, or some other reason, but I loved baseball movies.

So, here's my chance to let you know my top 10 favorite baseball movies. Let me know yours...

  1. Bull Durham - Kevin Costner, Tim Robbins, Susan Sarendon (steamy too)
  2. Bang the Drum Slowly - Robert Dinero and David Morse
  3. Eight Men Out - the Black Sox scandal
  4. It Happens Every Spring - Ray MIlland
  5. Field of Dreams - Costner again w/Ray Liotta as Shoeless Joe & James Earl Jones was great.
  6. The Pride of the Yankees - a classic with Gary Cooper
  7. The Stratton Story - James Stewart classic
  8. The Natural - Robert Redford
  9. The Rookie - Dennis Quaid
  10. The Sandlot - Our neighborhood was like that with big dogs who took our baseballs.

OK, that's it guys...let's hear about your favorites.



Posted on: April 15, 2009 8:53 pm

Phillies Starters are Dreadful

 The World Champion Philadelphia Phillies atarted the defense of their title last week, with an awful performance. Brett Myers gave up several home runs, the Phillies bats were silent and the Braves won the opener...followed by another 4-2 loss in game two of the series. The Braves should have swept the series, but their bullpen fell apart and the Phillies rallied to win. Then they took two of three in Colorado, but their picthing woes continued against the Rockies.

Lucky for the Phils they got to visit the Nationals, but had to hang on for a 9-8 vitory. Do you see a pattern here...the Phillies are giving up a lot of runs. Their starters are giving up an awful lot of runs. The Phillies starters ERAs look like this:

Brett Myers    5.54 - our star at the moment. Jamie Moyer - 6.55     Joe Blanton - 15.75   Chan Ho Park  10.38 and Cole Hamels - 17.18

I know we have one of the best bullpens in the league, but if the starters keep this up, they will be on par with the Texas Rangers. It's a miracle the Phils are 4-3...to say they need a 5th starter, well, any starter to go a few innings and get a win, would be an understatement of the highest proportion.

Now, I know what your thinking...he's leading up to something. Well, yes, I am. What about Pedro Martinez? I mean, he's younger than Jamie Moyer. Heck, Jamie is almost as old as me, and that's a lot.  If the Phillies continue to have their starters lit up every game, there won't be a best bullpen in baseball any more. There will only be the remnants of the Phillies bullpen arms out there with the Philly fans trying to get souvenirs.

With the Phillies bats starting to heat up, the starters have to step up, or Charlie Manuel has to make some changes. The Florida Marlins are not going to go away. I know the Braves aren't a threat, but there is the NY Mets wating in the wings to beat us and take our crown.

Speaking of pitchers, I saw Dice K went on the DL...arm fatigue. Hall of famers Warren Spahn and Robin Roberts were probably giggling when they sew that headline. These guys used to pitch 300 innings per year. Those days are long gone.

Earlier this week, Harry Kalas passed out in the press box before the Nationals game and died. We're going to miss you Harry. You have made some great calls in your day, worked with one of my all time favorites(Richie Ashburn), and left us with a lot of memories. I hope there's baseball in Heaven Harry...and I hope you see Whitey there too. I know he's been waiting to talk to you. RIP...






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